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"We used to have three-way phone calls every week — you know, long distance and everything. Jason was in Virginia, I was in Tennessee, and Jen[sen] would be wherever, and we’d watch each other on TV. I was on Angel and Jen[sen] was on Smallville. So, we’d watch both, and when we had a scene, we’d say, ‘Turn the channel real quick, I’ve got a good one coming up.’ That’s what I remember the most from when I was first starting out. Just talking to those two guys, a lot of memories."

Christian Kane on his 3-way phone calls with Jensen Ackles and Jason Manns [he talked about it 8 years ago at a convention during a exclusive fan dinner] (via wolfspirals)

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사랑은 바다를 닮은것같다,
I think love is a lot like the ocean,

얕을때는 시끄럽고,
it is noisy when shallow,

그리고 깊을때는 조용하고.

and silent when deep.

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are you ever just like “lol white people” but then you’re like “wait i am a white people”

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"Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I’ll choke you with the same hand I fed you with."

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kidzbop is gonna be like “my anaconda don’t want none unless u like fun, hun!!”

"oh my gosh. look at her heart!"

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